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About Black Soul Rhythms Radio

Black Soul Rhythms Digital Radio (WBSR-DR) broadcasts a wide range of music inspired by the beats from the African diaspora: R&B, Hiphop, Jazz, Funk, Gospel, NeoSoul, House, Reggae, etc. Our DJ's broadcast live and are as diverse as the music they play. Resident DJ's include Mizz Dibou, Dr. Kewl, Miles, Lady Phoenix plus a rotating roster of DJ's from all over the globe. Our listeners are in over 170 countries in every continent of the globe. You can listen to the broadcast streamed over the internet using your audio player or you can attend one of the DJs live broadcasts from various venues in the SecondLife metaverse. Check the DJ schedule for their live broadcasts. New programing includes various syndicated shows that combine music, interviews, news and commentary. BSR Radio is a huge supporter of independent artists and solicits musicians to showcase their music on our stream.


Established in 2007 as "Black Beats Radio" and changed the radio station name to "Black Soul Rhythms Internet Radio" in 2008 and later to "Black Soul Rhythms Digital Radio" in 2011. Virtual headquarters originally was on SugarHill Retreat (2008) and moved to SugarHill (2009). Real headquarters is in New York City.



Marjorie Dibou, CEO & Founder

Miles Eleventhauer, Director of Jazz Programming

Barry Offcourse, Director of Club and House Programming




Last Donor: "Anonymous" US$10

BSR Radio is listener supported internet radio. We thank you for your generous support. Click HERE to help us reach our monthly donation goal of US$1100.00

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Black Soul Rhythms (WBSR-DR) formerly known as Black Beats Radio is a division of FDE Internet Solutions