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U.S. Travelers: 

Visa is not required for entry into Grenada. However evidence of return/onward travel arrangements is required.

Official Language:



East Caribbean dollar. United State Dollar is widely accepted.

Capital of Grenada:


Fact Sheet


Year-round temperatures range from 75-85° F


Medical care in Grenada is below U.S. standards. Citizens requiring medical treatment may contact the U.S Embassy in St. George’s for a list of local doctors, dentists, pharmacies and hospitals. Malaria is not found in Grenada, but there are low levels of dengue fever. The government periodically fogs public areas to reduce the mosquito population.

Nutmeg ice cream. Nutmeg cheesecake. Nutmeg sprinkled over rum punch. There's even a nutmeg rub that's supposed to cure the common cold. Grenadians are nothing if not resourceful with the spice. And that's understandable: 23% of the world's nutmeg is grown on Grenada.

But there is more to this country than spices. St. George's, the capital city, is one of the prettiest ports in the region. Pastel-colored houses with red-tiled roofs perch on green slopes overlooking the bay, which includes a lagoon that's actually the collapsed crater of an extinct volcano. And the intensely blue lake atop the rain forest in Grand Etang Park is another view that cannot be missed.

All of the islands that make up this nation have the classic charm of the Caribbean as it used to be. Grenada feels very local rather than touristy. Carriacou and Petite Martinique — the other two islands sometimes visited by travelers — are especially enticing for those who find even the leisurely pace of Grenada too hectic. A windjammer-type cruise or a yacht trip through the area is a good option as these are some of the finest sailing waters in the world.


  • Grenada Spicemas Festival

  • Annual Grenada Sailing Festival

  • Grenada Chocolate Festival

  • St. Mark's Day Festival

  • Carriacou Maroon & Music Festival

  • Grenada Drum Festival

  • Carriacou Carnival

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