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Match Your Travel Style to Your Perfect Vacation

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Your Travel Style

Have we all heard the phrase "travel in style"? Well, it turns out, it's more important to travel in your style! Now, you might not know it, but your travel style might be different from your typical everyday lifestyle. After all, isn't vacation the chance to live your very best life? For instance, you might have a corporate office job and live a very professional, formal and regimented lifestyle. But, once you turn on that "out-of-office" auto-response and pack that suitcase, you're ready to throw on your sneakers and spend your vacation hiking, and scuba diving and immersing yourself in the local culture. Understanding your travel style is beneficial because it will help you plan the perfect vacation.

Step 1: Discover your travel style

Ease your mind and solve your dilemma of planning the perfect vacation with 8 easy questions that can identify your travel personality. Planning your vacation will be easy when you know your travel style. Take the quiz today to determine your travel style.

The results will identify your travel style in one of the following four categories:


You consider travel to be a great escape and love spending your vacation in the great outdoors! For you, it's a way to decompress while regaining a sense a balance to everyday life. You try to steer clear of organized or structured activities and detailed plans, preferring to go wherever the wind takes you. After all, nature is calling and it keeps its schedule. You've had your fair share of death-defying stunts in your early days, but that doesn't mean you're afraid to put in a good sweat! Your ideal vacation looks like a lot of fresh air, discovering the best hiking trails, working up a sweat kayaking or simply relaxing in a bed of wildflowers, taking in nature's ambiance. The only thing to make your holiday better is sharing the outdoors with a friend—furry or otherwise!


The cosmopolitan traveler is very, very cultured, widely traveled and loves exploring new lifestyles and ways of doing things. If you love getting to know the art, music, food and culture of anew city in a very in-depth way—this is probably your style! You love eating at local restaurants and sampling the cuisine, traveling around by foot and genuinely getting to know the city, as well as participating in the local customs! You believe that learning about a new place means approaching it with an open mind and getting up close and personal with its culture; you adore museums and tours! You are probably the type of traveler who prefers to go off the beaten path and avoids typical "touristy" spots in favor of a more authentic experience.


Chances are if you are the free-spirited type, you probably already know it. Energetic, outgoing and impulsive, you dance to the beat of your drum and follow your heart in whatever direction it takes you. Vacations that are planned and scheduled don't sound much like a vacation to you at all. You would much rather go with the flow. You are the type to pick up and go on a moment's notice and are probably not opposed to backpacking through a country! You love to immerse yourself in a new place, and love meeting new people on your travels. For you, the best part of traveling is the spontaneity of it and you are energized by the adrenaline of seizing the day.


For you, a getaway is just that. You want to get away from the hustle-bustle of daily commitment. Your ideal travel destination includes plenty of time to hang out but also time to relax while experiencing exotic or remote destinations. You want to experience and see things you typically do not do at home so you will lean into recommendations and follow the advise of others. You will look for a knowledgeable tour guide to show you the hidden gems. If you can do it at home, you do not want the same experience on vacation.

While solo travel can make many people nervous, you prefer it! You love being able to go at your own pace, and being relaxed and stress-free on vacation is the biggest priority for you. You see vacations as a retreat (which they should be!) and prefer to partake in activities that will relax rather than energize. You love wellness, self-reflection and other soothing types of interests. Your ideal travel destination is somewhere that you can unwind, take your time and truly indulge. You will stay away from group tours to avoid the hustle and bustle, but a private one-on-one tour to discover a destination's hidden gems is right up your alley.

It’s called a vacation for a reason and packing in as much activity as possible is not your style. Although not averse to referencing insightful travel material, you lean toward your own thoughtful exploration. You want to use your limited time wisely so you prepare and plan in advance to fully immerse yourself in the local culture and history especially in exotic destinations. Maybe it’s a food tasting tour of the area’s fine spirits industry or poking through quaint downtown shops or loosing yourself for hours in a museum. An alfresco lunch at the local market and a one-on-one account of the area’s more provocative history are just the discoveries you love.

Step 2: Match your travel style to your perfect vacation

If you are looking for a destination and vacation to match your style, a travel agent is a perfect resource to make sure you end up with a travel experience you love! Your travel advisor has in-depth knowledge of countries, cities and towns to make personalized recommendations based on your travel style as well as other factors like age, budget, length of stay, travel dates, etc. A travel advisor can also arrange for experiences and tours based on your preferences. They are the experts in travel, which will reduce the hassle and stress of figuring out all the details on your own!

Remember, there is no one best way to enjoy your vacation and your travel style might be a combination of more than one, depending on your mood and desires at a particular moment. The most important thing is to choose a vacation that is customized just for you. And the best way to plan your vacation is to hire a travel advisor. Contact BSR Travel today to start planning!


When you are ready to start planning your next vacation contact Black Soul Rhythms Travel. Submit a booking inquiry today!

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