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Top 5 Reasons Why Travel Makes the Best Gift

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If you celebrate the holidays at towards the end of year, you may be planning to buy gifts for friends or family. When it comes time to buy a travel-loving friend a gift, it’s easy to feel stuck on what to get. Before we reveal the BEST gift for a frequent traveler, here are unique takes on classic ideas for the various kinds of travelers in your life.

For the foodie: send delicious global flavors right to their doorstep. Try The World with top chefs from Argentina to Morocco. They assemble gorgeous boxes filled with curated delicacies from each country. Delivered every month, each box contains descriptions for how to use the tasty and exotic flavors in your own recipes.

new york subway token cufflinks

For the well-accessorized: customize a favorite map to make cufflinks, or bracelet, or pendant. Have a special place like New York you want to commemorate? Consider New York City subway token cufflinks. Maybe you want to stir memories of the place of a first date, or a favorite childhood destination? Customized accessories can be a beautiful and deeply personal way to show your traveler that you know what matters to them most.

For the traveler who has everything and wants to give back: Why not make a donation to a favorite cause in your traveler’s name? You can choose organizations that support environmental stewardship, advocate for people in crisis or promote education or social justice.

For the photographer: If your friend is never without her smartphone or camera, why not make it easy for her to create beautiful, lasting photo albums, calendars, or prints of her best shots? At Artifact Uprising, she can connect directly with her Instagram account and assemble her most gorgeous memories.

For the traveler who’s always up for adventure:

At Experience Days you can give the gift of a lifelong great memory to someone you care about. Try everything from hang gliding to flying lessons to race car driving throughout the United States. What a great surprise for a friend’s next big adventure!

Harlem candles

For the traveler who seeks wellness and self-care: for pampering and self-indulgence give the gift of aromatherapy. Consider portable shower steamers infused with high quality essential oils to rejuvenate the senses and alleviate congestion with each luxurious breath. To transport your traveler to a different place and time through luxurious scented candles by the Harlem Candle Company inspired by the Harlem Renaissance. Exclusive fragrances in hand poured soy wax beautifully displayed in colored glass.

For the gadget-junkie: tech-savvy traveler the ultimate international travel adapter will help ensure everything stays running smoothly during their journey. The one-piece sleep mask and headphones is a truly unique gadget that is useful on long overnight flights. They pair wirelessly with a smartphone or tablet device capable of 10 hours of quality sound. For the hardcore gadget-junkie, what about a stylish vest, hoodie, or jacket with interior pockets (for men and women) to hold everything from smartphones to keys to water bottles?

And the perfect gift is ...

BSR Travel Gift Card
The perfect gift is a BSR Travel Gift Card

And let's not forget the ultimate gift to give to a travel lover is the gift of travel! Consider giving a gift card from Black Soul Rhythms Travel. Our gift cards are digital and do not expire. They can only be redeemed for customized itineraries curated by Black Soul Rhythms Travel.

Get that git card and tell them to submit an inquiry and let me build the perfect vacation for your favorite traveler! To get started click HERE now!

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