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Black Soul Rhythms Travel (BSR Travel) was founded in 2017 specializing in curating custom designed travel itineraries for international and domestic luxury travel, cruises and more.  Our specialty is coordinating and managing travel for groups of all kinds:  book clubs, schools, alumni groups, destination weddings, musicians and fan groups. 


BSR Travel is dedicated to facilitating travel that will expose not only groups but also solo travelers, couples and multi-generational families to cultures and adventures that are outside the norm.  And if a trip involves a music event or festival, that is icing on the cake!

Our Vision

The number one mission is to provide our travelers the most optimal, personalized service that results in unique and memorable travel experiences. Our goal is to save you the time and stress of planning your vacation by removing inaccurate information, clutter and noise. 


Our Founder

She helps you to reduce the stress, anxiety, overwhelm and confusion about planning travel. 

After 20+ years of managing corporate travel, our founder uses her experience to make travel dreams become reality.  Preparation began in 2017 by joining a host travel agency. With years of ongoing mentorship and training, she continues 

to update her knowledge of the travel industry and cultivates relationships with a worldwide network of suppliers, vendors and tourism boards.


As a result of her educational achievement of an MBA and career in financial services and human resources, she brings business skills and professionalism to the clients she serves. As a music lover, she developed an extensive database of music events worldwide which sets her apart from other travel advisors.  With a lifetime of travel that has taken her to numerous countries and has exposed her to various cultures, she is well equipped to provide extraordinary experiences and worldwide customized itineraries.

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