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Music Festivals & Events

BLACK SOUL RHYTHMS TRAVEL   (BSR Travel) is the music lovers portal to music-related events and travel opportunities. We link you to global music opportunities such as music festivals, music travel groups and black cultural events from across the African diaspora. We open the links to live events related to R&B, Jazz, Funk, Gospel, NeoSoul, and House music. We provide music travel advisory services for individual and group travel. Skip the worry about international travel, securing tickets, managing logistics, and scouring the internet for the best accommodations and prices ... We manage all of this for you! 

If you are an international promoter looking for a travel booking engine to manage the travel needs of your event attendees, we will work with you to implement online tools to provide a user-friendly booking experience.  Schedule a phone call to discuss your needs.


I don't see the event I am looking for!!
If there is a music event or festival you are interested in attending, please contact us. We will get you there!  

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