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Group Travel Host

Organize your own travel event/vacation with your family members, friends, co-workers, etc., and potentially travel with the group for FREE.

Responsibilities for Group Travel Hosts: 


  • Previous Customer Service Experience

  • Experience in Group Management/Event Planning

  • Flexibility

  • Patience

  • Outgoing and Personable Attitude

  • Detail Oriented

  • Ability to Travel 1-2 Times Per Quarter

  • Valid Passport

Qualifications for Group Travel Hosts: 


  • Uphold, sustain BSR Travel Code of Conduct & Mission

  • Comfortable using technology

  • Experience using online tools and applications

  • Able to work remotely from home office

  • Must be an effective manager and able to research and organize travel events

  • Possess strong delegation skills, ability to multi-task, and quick decision making

  • Open minded to training, coaching & mentoring

  • Comfortable with following instruction & receiving criticism

  • Previous Customer Service Experience

  • Outgoing and Personable Attitude

  • Organized, Detail Oriented

  • Strong written and verbal communication