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BSR Travel Podcast: episode 001

A five minute podcast to introduce you to Black Soul Rhythms Travel

Tell us about your company and the services you offer.

Thanks for having me on the Podcast Business News Network. I am always eager to talk about travel so I am grateful for the invitation.

To put it simply …. Black Soul Rhythms Travel provides travel consultation services.

As a travel advisor I work with individuals to design itineraries for either leisure or business travel to destinations either domestic in the US or international Europe , Asia, South America, Central America, Caribbean and Africa.

The traditional travel services BSR Travel provide includes:

  • The research & design of custom itineraries by utilizing my network of tour operators, tourism boards, resorts and villas.

  • We make reservations for accommodations, transportation, dining, tour activities and concerts or cultural events.

  • Help Secure passports and visas.

  • Help navigate the Global Entry Program.

  • Keep travelers informed of travel restrictions especially important in this day & age of ever changing travel protocols due to COVID 19.

  • We ensure travelers have the appropriate travel insurance to protect their travel investment

I should say although BSR Travel specializes in music tourism most of our clients fall into two types of travel: Leisure travel and business travel. Not related to music events and activities.

  • On the leisure travel side my ideal clients are women – over 35, typically live in an urban city in the USA and they want someone to help eliminate the stress and anxiety of planning travel especially for complex itineraries to unfamiliar destinations. They may want to travel with their own group (large or small) and do not want to deal with answering questions and managing payment plans. Many times they simply don’t have an interest in research & planning. They know where they want to go and/or what they want to do and when they want to travel but they want a simple process. They want to make a payment and show up at the airport or cruise ship to enjoy their vacation.

  • For business travel … Black Soul Rhythms partners with small business owners, solo-preneurs, club owners, organizations and musicians to host affinity group travel. We handle all of the travel planning arrangements so that they can focus on your daily operations. We will give business owners guidance on marketing before the trip, manage the administrative and financial activities, provide support during the trip on site if needed and will follow up when everyone returns home to gather feedback. My goal when working with business owners to plan travel like a retreat is to make the business owner money from the event. They should return home with a profit.

What would you like listeners to know about you?

I would like the listeners to know … yes … travel agents still exits!!BUT not everyone needs a travel advisor when booking travel.I am very transparent and will take time to meet with potential clients to understand their needs to see if we are a good fit.

How can listeners get in contact with you?

Join our community on Facebook: search for the group Black Music Tourism and join us.

Follow us on Instagram @Blacksoulrhythms_travel and subscribe to our email list to receive a weekly dose of travel inspiration.

More importantly visit our website and while you are there download the free Guide to Music Cities in America. Use the guide to plan your next vacation to a music destination in the USA. Packed with concert venues, music clubs & festivals in each of the 5 cities with a bonus 4-day / 5-night itinerary in Nashville. To create this guide we researched and relied on the advice of music lovers in each city so you can be assured the recommendations are not influenced by tourism boards or hotels but by the people who actually live in these cities.

And finally .. please reach out to me by email at when you are ready to plan your personal vacation or retreat or business meeting.

Thanks for listening… Bye for now!!

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