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Get the Best Airfare Deals with Google Flights and Airline Price Holds

As a budget-conscious traveler, it can be challenging to decide whether to purchase an airline ticket today or wait for a better deal to come along. Fortunately, with Google Flights and airline price holds, you can confidently book your next trip without worrying about price fluctuations.

Google Flights' Price Guarantee program recently launched its pilot program, which allows travelers to monitor eligible flights from purchase to takeoff. The program guarantees a refund of the difference between the airfare paid and the lowest fare found during that period, as long as it is more than $5. Google Flights uses algorithms to predict price fluctuations and offers price guarantees for flights where they are confident the price is unlikely to drop between booking and departure.

To qualify for the Price Guarantee program, travelers must book their tickets on Google Flights, and eligible flights must originate in the United States. Travelers must have a Google Pay account (to accept refunds) and there is an annual refund cap at $500. Currently, the platform primarily works with Alaska, Hawaiian, and Spirit airlines but there are plans to expand to other airlines after the initial pilot program has been tested.

If you're not eligible for the Google Flights Price Guarantee program, you can opt to freeze a fare for a while with an airline price hold. Major carriers, including American and United Airlines, offer fare holding programs for a fee. United's FareLock program allows users to hold a fare for a fee, which varies based on ticket price and length of the hold. American Airlines offers free 24-hour holds and extended hold options with nonrefundable fees on select flights. You may also hold a flight reservation on Delta Airlines.

Here are some key takeaways for budget-conscious travelers:

  • DIY (do it yourself) travel planners who do not want to use a travel agent can book airfare directly with the airline after researching on Google Flights.

  • To take advantage of Google Flights' Price Guarantee program, book eligible flights on Google Flights and monitor the price fluctuations between purchase and takeoff for potential refunds.

  • For airline price holds, consider the fees, hold term, and ticket price before deciding whether to hold or buy the airfare.

  • Regardless of hold offers, all carriers are required to refund any airline reservation canceled within 24 hours of purchase.

In conclusion, with Google Flights and airline price holds, budget-conscious travelers can book their flights with more confidence. Google Flights provides the Price Guarantee program that guarantees refunds for price drops on eligible flights. For those who prefer airline price holds, United's FareLock and American Airlines' free 24-hour holds are worth considering.


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