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Jazz and Wine in France: A Perfect Pairing

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

If you're looking to sip a glass of wine while listening to jazz music, France is the country for you. France is well-renowned for its wine regions, all spread out across the country and numerous jazz festivals held every year. There's the Paris Jazz Festival, the Nice Jazz Festival and the Charlie Jazz Festival. Here are the 5 most prominent wine regions in France and the jazz festivals that take place close to them.


Home of the Bordeaux wine, this wine region is one of the most famous in the world. Located near the city of Bordeaux, vineyards in this region produce many distinctive carnets (a term for red wines from Bordeaux) such as Saint Emilion and Médoc. Vineyards in Bordeaux are on the coast which has helped it become the central region where wine is exported.

At the gateway to the Entre-Deux-Mers region, the Jazz 360 festival fills the wine region with the sound of jazz for five days. Worth mentioning is the Grands Crus Musicaux event which pairs wine and classical music in prestigious châteaux settings.

The elegant Saint Emilion Jazz festival has been taking place every year in June / July. It has become one of the most popular music events in the South West of France, attracting around 10k visitors every year. During the three days of the festival, Saint Emilion offers a great mix of jazz concerts, wine tasting and tasty food. In the festival area, you will find a wine bar with the wines of Saint Emilion.

For more information read The Best Music Festivals in Bordeaux.

Loire Valley

This region is the second-largest when it comes to making sparkly wines. Vouvray and Saumur are the most famous, along with Champagne. Vin Gris (grey wine) is also produced in the Loire Valley, as well as rosé and white wines. Just 2 hours from Paris by train, the Loire Valley is the location for various music events and festivals. A few are:


Provence is well known for its rosé wines; the most famous is Côtes de Provence and Côteaux d'Aix. Red wines are also produced in this vast wine region, along with white wine called Bandol. While you’re finding your way around Provence, why not attend a jazz picnic? The Chateau de Berne hosts jazz picnics every summer, from early July to late August. The air is filled with music from jazz musicians, while visitors eat the local dishes and wash it down with a glass of wine. A beautiful property that has overnight accommodations for guests, spa services and restaurants. A wonderful location for a vacation for any wine lover and a group of their closest friends and family.

The La Londe Jazz Festival is a must event to add to your itinerary of music events to attend in the region of Provence among many others:

  • Jazz Dans Les Vignes has curated a list of jazz events in the region of Provence. Of note, after each "Jazz at the Estate" concert, a tasting of the estate's wines is served to guests.

  • The Chateau Roubine is the location for a magical jazz concert and wine tasting.

  • The Chateau Gassier for rose wine and jazz music under the stars.

.... and so many more!


The Burgundy wine region is a thin strip of land south-east of Dijon. A wine sale takes place every fall in Baune. Four levels categorize burgundy wine; Bourgogne is the lowest, while Clos Vougeot is the highest. Beaujolais wine is produced in the southern region.


This wine region is located in the South of France, facing the Mediterranean Sea. Languedoc is known for producing a large volume of French red wine. The Jazz Festival at the Hospitalet takes place in this region every summer, occurring for four days. One thousand four hundred seats are reserved for an intimate concert experience in the vineyards at Languedoc, while you have dinner with a glass of wine. After the concert, enjoy wine tasting in the jazz cellar.

Photo by Ice Tea on Unsplash

The wine regions of France produce famous wines and are among the most famous wine-producing areas in the world. Although some jazz festivals occur in these regions, there are more held in Paris, such as the Paris Jazz Festival.

France is the perfect location for jazz and wine. Don't miss out on a chance to attend a jazz festival in France and visit one of its many wine regions. BSR Travel will create an itinerary of these regions with your travel preferences in mind. Contact us today! Who knew wine and jazz went so well together?


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