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5 Travel Accessories You Need in Your Carryon Bag

Updated: Jun 3, 2023

Last update: December 2022

A carryon bag is useful when it is stocked with items that keep you comfortable and organized while traveling. What goes into your carryon matters. Traveling doesn't have to be stressful, so these travel accessories will make our travels infinitely better. They will be helpful in a time of crisis, as well as providing entertainment for your leisure.

Knowing what to bring can be a challenge so we put together a shortlist of useful items to pack in your carryon bag.


1.) Wireless headphones

Wireless headphones have become ubiquitous, replacing the traditional headphone jacks. The upside is not having to detangle wires every time you want to use your headphones. You may notice Apple's AirPods in many people's ear; these

wireless earbuds are a suitable alternative. They have a

charging case in case the battery runs low. Make sure you're

connected to Bluetooth to get the most out of these


2.) Portable Entertainment Devices

You can't go wrong with a portable entertainment device like a smartphone or a tablet for entertainment on the go. These devices will keep you occupied, whether you're on a flight or when you've just checked into your hotel. The Kindle Fire Tablet has it all, from streaming apps like Spotify for music or

Audible for audiobooks where you can listen to your favorite


3.) Electric Cord Organizer

Are you tired of rummaging through your carryon and getting dozens of wires in your way? No problem! An electric cord organizer separates all your wires. Not only does it organize your carryon efficiently, but it's also less of a hassle for you when you want to use your charger or power bank (read more for more information). This cord organizer is suitable for

all surfaces while also being eco-friendly, as it is made from

long-lasting plastic.

4.) First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a must-have for any journey. Although you want your trip to pass without trouble, you never know what may happen during your travel. Many have learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, a first aid kit should include Hand Sanitizer, an N95 mask, and disinfecting wipes (Lysol or Clorox). Now is a good time to update the kit you currently have by checking expiration dates and add these important items.

5.) Power Bank Charger

Nowadays, this item seems like a necessity. We are frequently on the go, and we hold essential information in the palms of our hands. It's inconvenient for your phone battery to die while you're strolling through the town center or when you need to take pictures of the scenery. This power bank charger will keep your phone and other devices charged

when you're out and about. It offers high-speed charging and

is compatible with iPhone and Samsung phones.

These items are must-haves in your carryon. Not only are they great for entertaining yourself on our flight, but these items are also useful in cases of emergency, such as the First Aid Kit.

Travel Tip: Don't forget to bring a change of clothes in your carryon bag - this is an incredibly important tip that will be useful when your checked luggage gets delayed or lost. To make sure you do not forget any important items in your carryon, use our checklist. Pack some travel-sized deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste and you're good to go! has a great selection of travel-sized items perfect for your carryon.

Bon voyage!


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