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What is Music Tourism?

Updated: Jul 2

Many of us are looking for a different cultural experience, and music tourism is a great way to achieve that. Music tourism is when you travel to a city or country to see a music performance such as a festival or a concert. You enjoy your favorite musicians perform live, as well as explore the destination where the musical event is held. Music tourism helps put smaller towns on the map and helps boost the local economy. Travel to attend a music event has become increasingly popular as travelers attend music events such as Afrochella, Glastonbury, and Montreux Jazz Festival.

There is a strong demand for Music tourism. In a survey conducted by eDreams, 1 in 4 Americans will visit a different country to see a live performance by their favorite musician. 23% of Americans are the most likely to visit a location out of inspiration for the local music style. The opportunity for travel advisors to create packages aimed at music lovers has blossomed.

Which places are great for music tourism?

While the bulk of music events that attract tourists are held abroad, some destinations are widely known as music hubs. Being the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans is a city that was made for music tourism. There are over 130 festivals a year, which equates to a festival every three days. One festival that is held in New Orleans is Jazz Fest, which takes place from late April to early May. Almost 500,000 attendees flock to Jazz Fest every year to hear music from different genres.

Memphis, Tennessee is another city that's well-known for its musical heritage. Home to musical landmarks such as Graceland and Beale Street. There are countless tours you can take to learn about the city's musical history, and you can visit landmarks frequented by music legends.

All in all, music tourism has grown steadily in recent years. It's a unique way for travelers to experience culture by getting a taste of the local music scene. Small towns and cities are benefitting immensely from music tourism, as the music events contribute to the local economy. It's also lucrative for the musician, especially in the digital age, where album sales are declining and music streaming services have taken over.

Quiz coming soon: Which Music City In America Should I Visit?

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