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Top 5 Destinations Across the African Diaspora for Music and Food

The African diaspora covers a wide area. The term is often used to describe all African descendants living away from Africa. Although this term was created in the 19th century, it has been widely used in the 21st century. Nonetheless, the African diaspora has some underrated travel destinations, all with their own unique culture influenced by the motherland. From music festivals to food, these 5 locations showcase the best that the African diaspora has to offer.

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Two events that are worth checking out on this Caribbean island are Reggae Sumfest and Jamaica Festival. The latter is held annually on August 6, the same day Jamaica became independent from the United Kingdom. Reggae Sumfest is the biggest music festival in the Caribbean. Both of these events are the perfect events for music tourism in Jamaica. Believe it or not - ackee (one-half of the popular Jamaican dish ackee and saltfish) originates from West Africa.

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Salvador da Bahia, Brazil

Brazil has a sizeable Afro-Brazilian population, with 91 million Brazilians identifying as African. Salvador de Bahia is home to several festivals. Sao Joao is one of them, taking place in June every year. It’s known as a harvest festival, but it also has some musical entertainment too. Caruru is an Afro-Brazilian dish that is made from okra, palm oil, shrimp, and onion.

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New Orleans

New Orleans needs no introduction. Formerly known as Dixieland, this vibrant city hosts a ton of music festivals like Mardi Gras, the New Orleans Jazz Festival, and the essence Festival. Okra is a plant that is native to West Africa, used as an ingredient in gumbo, the local dish. Read our Top 5 Music Cities in America article to find out more about NOLA!

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France has no shortage of jazz music events. From the Paris Jazz Festival to Jazz à Vienne, you get to enjoy some live music, oftentimes with a glass of red wine. As for food, French-African fusion cuisine combines both French and African cuisines together. Traditional Senegalese soup is an example of French-African cuisine. The following are a few restaurants in Paris to add to your itinerary when you visit this vibrant city:


6 Rue Goderoy Cavaignac 75011 Paris West African and Caribbean Cuisine

Gumbo YaYa 3 Rue Charles Robin, 75010 Paris, France

American Southern Cuisine "soul food"

very casual take out

Read our Jazz and Wine in France: A Perfect Pairing for more information about the music scene across the country of France.

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There are many amazing music festivals you can attend in Colombia. Local performers feature at Colombia al Parque in Bogota, while the Rock al Parque is a rock festival also hosted in the Colombian capital. Bloc Party, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and NOFX are a few of those big names that have performed at Rock al Parque.

When it comes to food, the national dish of Colombia, Bandeja Paisa is known as the “workman’s platter because of the large portion of food in each serving. You can see the African influence from its ingredients including beans and rice. Check out more Colombian dishes in the AmigoFoods Blog.

To find out more about the cuisine across the African diaspora, download the recipe book EZIBAN: RECIPES ACROSS THE BLACK DIASPORA (vol. 1). Eziban means “food” in the Ghanaian language Fante, and was made in collaboration with AFROPUNK. You’ll find cocktail recipes as well as dishes from all over the African diaspora. The guide is completely free to download.

If you’re interested in visiting the diaspora, check out these countries. Not only will your taste buds be treated to some delicious food, but you’ll also have a great time exploring the local music scene!

Have fun!


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