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What You Need to Know About Airplane Travel After COVID-19

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed life as we know it. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the travel industry, where jobs and travel revenue have been victims of the pandemic. The airline industry has not been spared, with scheduled flight capacity dropping by 65%. While countries are reopening borders and lockdown measures are being lifted, airlines adopt creative methods to adapt to a new normal. It will be a while before the travel industry bounces back from the pandemic, but these are the following measures airlines are taking to protect passengers.

Luxury Hotels and Private Flights

Some luxury hotels have come up with a unique way to attract travelers to their accommodations. The Four Seasons Resort in Hawaii is including private flights in a package deal. They are also working with luxury travel agencies to ensure that clients are booked on private jets. Getting flown out on a private jet to a luxury hotel stirs up feelings of comfort and security, making you feel like a VIP. You also get to travel in style (and hygiene)!

No More Middle Seats

Due to social distancing rules, airlines are looking at ways to maintain social distancing on their planes. While plane seat designers have revealed some outlandish designs over the years, the middle seat could be a thing of the past. According to studies, germs are more likely to reach aisle seats, while window seats are relatively unaffected by germs. Shields between airplane seats are also being proposed, fitting between all seats.

Mandatory Masks and PPE Wear on Flights

Expect masks and other PPE equipment to be common on flights. Airplanes are infamous for passengers being cramped for hours at a time. To work around this, cabin crew will be required to wear PPE equipment as they serve you inflight meals and collect the trash. Passengers are also required to wear masks at all times, from take-off to landing.

COVID-19 has changed many industries, and the travel industry is where these changes are more visible. Hotels and airlines are coming up with post-pandemic strategies that will both protect travelers and maintain a steady flow of income. While some measures allow airlines to resume business in the wake of the pandemic, there are long-lasting changes that will be made to the layout of an airplane. One thing’s for sure - airplane travel will be radically different after the COVID-19 pandemic.


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