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BLACK SOUL RHYTHMS TRAVEL (BSR Travel) is the music lovers portal to music related travel opportunities. We connect you to global music events such as music festivals, travel groups and black cultural activities from across the African diaspora. We open the links to live R&B, Jazz, NeoSoul, Funk, House and Gospel music.


Black Soul Rhythms Travel is a full service agency that provides travel advisory services for individuals and groups.  We will do the research, make the reservations, secure your passport and visa, help you navigate the Global Entry Program and make sure you have the appropriate travel insurance.  Our trip packages are mid-level to luxury but if you prefer to do it yourself (DIY) we have the tools and resources to make it easy.

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“I have been listening to Black Soul Rhythms Radio for 10 years. Always hear something new --- music not heard on traditional radio.” 


—  Sam Stuart

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