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Music Tourism Convention 2023: Celebrating the Legacy of Mississippi Delta Blues

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Music Tourism Convention 2023: Celebrating the Legacy of Mississippi Delta Blues and Boosting Local Economy with Music Tourism

photographer: Campbell Saia

The Music Tourism Convention took place on April 12 & 13, 2023, and was a true celebration of the intersection of music and tourism. The convention brought together music lovers, musicians, tourism experts, and historians from all over the world to discuss how tourism can be used to preserve and promote music and musicians, festivals, music trails, and partnerships.

The importance of this convention occurring in the Mississippi Delta, the birthplace of Blues Music, cannot be overstated, as the blues is one of the most influential and distinctive genres of music in American history. It is the foundation of all modern American music, and its impact can be felt in everything from rock to hip-hop. The convention highlighted the vital role tourism plays in keeping blues music alive, and how tourism can connect and immerse travelers in the birthplace of the Mississippi Delta.

photo credit: Campbell Saia

I had an opportunity to participate in a range of exciting events, including guided tours of the Mississippi Blues Trail, which included stops at iconic sites like the B.B. King Blues Museum, Club Ebony, the burial site of Robert Johnson, and the Ground Zero “Juke Joint” co-owned by the actor and Mississippi native Morgan Freeman.

Another highlight of the post-convention activities was a visit to the Grammy Museum in Cleveland, Mississippi, which showcases the rich history of American music and the artists who have shaped it.

Overall, I am honored to have had the opportunity to be a panel speaker at the Music Tourism Convention. It was an uplifting and inspiring event that celebrated the rich legacy of the blues and its ongoing importance in American culture. Delegate discussions demonstrated how tourism will help to preserve the history of music genres such as the Blues, while also creating new opportunities for economic development and cultural exchange.

I am proud to see Black Soul Rhythms Travel doing its part in making an impact in bringing music and tourism together!


Founder & Principal Travel Advisor

photo credit: Campbell Saia


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