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Why Music and Travel Are a Good Combination

Updated: May 27, 2021

When you plan a vacation, you usually plan to do things you don’t have the time or opportunity to do when you’re home. Sightseeing, relaxing on the beach, and shopping are the go-to activities for travelers worldwide, but you can have a fantastic time incorporating music into your travels. Music brings your vacation to life, and you gain a whole new appreciation for the destination you’re visiting. Here are four reasons why music and travel are perfect for a memorable vacation.

It gives you a glimpse into the local musical landscape

There are countless destinations worldwide that are renowned for their musical history - Nashville, Detroit, Memphis, and Liverpool to name a few. These cities have a rich musical culture that’s worth exploring. From museums to annual festivals, even the cities that aren’t usually known for music have a few establishments that you should visit to hear live performances. Look at our 7 Amazing Music Hotspots You Should Visit in Washington DC to get a feel for the capital's music scene.

You’ll create fond memories you’ll look back on

When it comes to nostalgia, music is the vehicle to transport you back to old memories. A song or an album can remind you of a weekend getaway you went on a few years ago. Keeping mementos like a wristband from a concert is also an excellent way to hold on to memories from previous adventures. Music is not only good for your vacation - it’s good for the soul and memories too.

Music spices up your vacation

Whether you’re sitting in a bar drinking martinis or shutting out the world by plugging in your headphones, music makes your vacation enjoyable! A particular song or album can make you feel like you’re in another location or it can be associated with a particular vacation you took several years ago. There are also countless activities you can do that involves music - see our article What Is Music Tourism? for more information.

It creates new connections

Music has a way of bringing people together. Whether you’re at a musical concert, blues night at the bar, or just partying the night away in a club, you are bound to make new connections with others! Music is a universal language that appeals to people from all walks of life, and you can discover a lot about a person by the music they like. The next time you’re chatting to someone you’ve just met, ask them about their favorite musicians to spice up the conversation.

When you think about it, mixing music and travel is the best way to unwind on your vacation. Music facilitates new connections, keeps your vacation from becoming stale, introduces you to your destination's musical culture, and gives you memories you can look back on fondly. The next time you want to go on vacation, don’t forget to include music so you’ll have the experience of a lifetime!



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